HOMEOFFICE - More than just a trend?

In the wake of new work, digitalisation and globally distributed teams, mobile working has been on the rise for years. However, it was the current COVID 19 crisis that really changed our working life. What used to progress rather hesitantly and was still an exception for many is now the rule: home office.

As well as organising changing work processes, employees and self-employed alike should not underestimate one crucial point: the right lighting makes a major contribution to efficiency and a sense of wellbeing at the home office workplace. Regardless of whether you as an employee are sitting in your home office temporarily, as a freelancer have always worked from home or are sitting in an office with a small team - with the Office series, we have the right lighting for all home and office applications.

To the Office luminaires

Warm white? Cold white? Neutral white?

What colour temperature is suitable for the home office? Warm white light is pleasant and homely but, with its higher yellow component, can in the long term lead to signs of fatigue and impair concentration at work. Cold white light is particularly high-contrast and visually activating and is therefore particularly suitable for industry, architectural offices or graphics studios. For standard use in home offices with desks, laptops etc., the golden mean is suitable: neutral white with 4,000K - like our office standard luminaires.

The UGR value

In addition to their performance and appearance, professional office luminaires are also specially designed for workstations with computer screens. The key indicator here is the UGR value (Unified Glare Rating). This indicates the degree of glare caused by lighting and should not exceed 19. The good news: all our office luminaires have a UGR value of <19.

Pendant luminaire Office Three

With an UGR value of 6 and 7,000 lumens, the Office Three pendant luminaire provides brilliant, glare-free office light at workplaces that are difficult to reach with a standard luminaire. 


To the Pendant luminaire
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