The newly renovated Mühlbach School in Baden-Württemberg relies on lighting solutions from DEKO-LIGHT!

School buildings from the 1960s and 70s were considered architecturally bold and pioneering at the time. Today, the facilities often convey an all too monotonous and crowded impression. The Mühlbach School in Schemmerhofen, Baden-Württemberg, was also built during this period, but it has little in common with the familiar uniform image. The reason for this is the approximately four-year renovation and new building extension of the school, which was completed in 2018 and also brought the lighting up to the latest state of the art. the result presents itself as a modern, slim and functional lighting solution based on the innovative luminaires from DEKO-LIGHT.


For classrooms, offices and meeting rooms, those responsible rely on more than 300 neutral-white (4,000K) LED PANEL PRO recessed louvre luminaires from DEKO-LIGHT, which are used in both square (620 x 620mm) and oblong (1,200 x 300mm) versions. Irrespective of their dimensions, the LED PANEL PRO luminaires, based on their 110° beam angle, not only impress with their wide-area and uniform illumination, but also with their flicker-free operation. In this way, the luminaires contribute to a pleasant learning and teaching experience, both in the short and long term, without permanent light flickering leading to symptoms such as headaches, fatigue or migraines and, in the worst case, even to epileptic seizures.


For WC facilities at the Mühlbach School, the DEKO-LIGHT SQUARE 20 is used as a simple yet robust LED recessed panel. The COB 170 and COB 130 recessed ceiling luminaires and the 3-phase tracks for flexible illumination of the light-flooded library rooms with their high ceilings were already installed in the first construction phase of the extensive project.

"DEKO-LIGHT products are characterised by their innovative technical and design approach. The LED panels in particular, with their well thought-out design, give us the necessary planning scope for suspended ceilings with low installation depths," explains Markus Reuder from Ingenieurbüro Reuder. "Supplemented by a very good price-performance ratio as well as the high reliability in provision for both small and large projects, this results in an overall package that we will gladly rely on again in the future."


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