Indoor luminaires - Light creates atmosphere

A beautiful home only shows its "true face" with a well thought-out lighting design. The darker it gets, the more the demands on the lighting in your rooms and surroundings increase. With the right planning and observance of a few basic rules, you will not experience any disappointments and will inspire your flatmates and guests all the more for your beautiful home.

Sheratan dimmable

The simpler and more compact the luminaire, the more disturbing the cable. The Sheratan dimmable is a battery-operated LED table lamp with a 3-step dimming function that can be charged via an integrated USB port. This makes the Sheratan not only suitable for use as accent lighting in living rooms, but also for events such as gala and company events and garden parties.

To the Sheratan series

Create lighting scenes

Use different luminaires to set concrete accents to create the ideal light for changing situations. In a combined living room/workspace, for example, you need a glare-free pendant luminaire above the table. At the same time, however, the room should also be comfortably lit in the evening hours. Indirect wall or standard luminaires are ideal for this purpose. Three different lighting scenes make your room all the more versatile.

BETRIA pendant luminaire

Dignified elegance, the BETRIA triple pendant luminaire sets the scene for everything beneath it and, thanks to its glass lampshades with mirrored surface, also cuts an excellent figure as an interior object. We recommend a filament lamp for a particularly cosy lighting atmosphere.

KSORA pendant luminaire

Transparent yet full of life, the exclusive KSORA pendant luminaire features three glass shades in a precious crystal look and provides stylish lighting for tables, bar areas and lounges. It does not always have to be cognac or champagne, but a little shine has never hurt any surroundings. 


To the KSORA luminaire

Choose the right light colours

The light colour is specified in Kelvin (K). At 2,700K to 3,000K we speak of a warm tone, 4,000K to 5,000K corresponds to our daylight at midday. The bluer the light, the higher the K number. The so called "blue hour" just before sunset has about 25.000K and is with the coldest colour tone we know. Always use the same light colour for the luminaires in a room. Different K-values make a room appear restless.


Elegant design with innovative details meets extraordinary choice of materials. The TWISTER series combines decorative free-standing, table and pendant luminaires in different sizes made entirely of plaster. We turn the cable into a design element! All in classic white, the luminaires are interrupted only by a red cable. This makes the TWISTER series an eye-catcher not only in living areas but also in hotels or restaurants.

To the TWISTER series

Which luminaire is the right one?

Pendant luminaires generally cast uniform light, but this can also lead to shadows being cast. Shadows can be compensated for with standard or wall luminaires. Ideally, your pendant luminaire should also be dimmable to enable it to adjust the light to the mood you want to create. Wall luminaires provide particularly soft and indirect lighting. A further advantage is that they do not get in the way or get in the way. Floor and table luminaires are eye-catchers in any room. With a view to the interior of a room, the often voluminous luminaires can be specifically matched to upholstery or curtains by using different shade colours.

ADOPIS wall luminaire

Lamp or piece of jewellery? We will gladly leave the decision to you. However, the ADOPIS in its two lengths and surface finishes gold and rose gold is certainly a timeless and flexible lighting element that decorates every wall with its dimmable, double-sided LED light outlet.

CANOPUS wall luminaire

Our light chamälion: Extraordinary design meets innovative dimmer technology. The further down you dim the CANOPUS, the warmer the light becomes. No luminaire comes close to real candlelight, but the CANOPUS is not far from it. Elegant, glare-free and modern ambient lighting at its best!


To the CANOPUS luminaire
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