Despite the recent low, there's no denying it: Summer is just around the corner and with it the time for increased outdoor activity. In keeping with this, we would like to introduce you to one of the big lighting trends of 2019: location-independent luminaires based on rechargeable batteries or solar sources.

For a long time, rechargeable and solar lights were considered a nice gimmick in the lighting industry - but the models were rarely used for professional applications. The reason: insufficient light and runtime performance. In the meantime, however, this is no longer the case. Battery- and solar-powered luminaires for outdoor use are convincing all along the line and score points with unique extras - from the convenient charging function for mobile phones, tablets or power banks to an automatic twilight function and an integrated motion detector.

Depending on the technology and model, power is supplied via an integrated rechargeable battery or a solar source. The types of luminaires and areas of application are diverse and range from mobile decorative floor luminaires and intelligent wall luminaires to functional path and boundary luminaires.


The LACERTAE is a light catcher - and guarantees an eye-catcher at every garden party. With its powerful, USB rechargeable battery, the table lamp creates a romantic ambience in three dimmer settings. Matching the portable version, the LACERTAE also impresses as a rustic wall lamp including motion detector on brick and natural stone walls.

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Waiting for twilight: whether as a wall or floor lamp - the SAMAS SOLAR series is both modern and highly functional. Once installed, it starts operating independently and reliably illuminates areas all night long. In addition, the integrated HF sensor detects movement and automatically switches from power-saving mode to full light output.

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With the SOLAR PREMIUM I series you do not need to worry about missing connection cables. The modern wall and floor lamps have a solar panel to charge the integrated battery and ensure maximum burning time outdoors thanks to motion detectors and twilight switches.

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