Gardens by Klein stage outdoor elegance in Berlin

In Berlin you have to look for large plots of land with a magnifying glass. Our client Gärten von Klein has found one and has staged the extensive outdoor facilities with a great sense of noble elegance and lots of outdoor luminaires from DEKO-LIGHT.

Floor lamps of the Facado series

In two height versions 65 cm and 100 cm, the standard luminaires of our Facado series flank the paved walkways in the garden area and function as both functional and classically elegant path lighting.

To the Facado series

Colt surface mounted luminaires

The smaller version of the Colt surface-mounted luminaire series also provides 8 watts for atmospheric lighting concepts in any outdoor installation and cuts a fine figure with its striking design even when switched off.

About the Colt series

Other interesting lighting solutions

The newly renovated Mühlbach School in Baden-Württemberg relies on lighting solutions from DEKO-LIGHT!
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More and more often, traditional wineries are designing their wine bars in a minimalist-modern style. The cleaner the ambience, the more important the precise planning of the lighting.
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The Garden
Gärten von Klein stages outdoor elegance in Berlin
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Lighting soulution - The BECKS restaurant
With the BECKS, the small town of Pfullingen in Baden-Württemberg has had a new gastronomic highlight since 2016, combining classic Italian cuisine with grilled dishes and modern interpretations of Swabian classics. In the premises of the former "Treppenhaus", the owners Renate Beck and Ivica Marovic designed a versatile restaurant concept, which welcomes guests to lunch and dinner, brunch and buffet as well as to the dignified bar area in the individual rooms which merge into one another. For planning and implementing the elaborate lighting in the BECKS, the company responsible, SH-Lichttechnik, relied on the versatile lighting and profile portfolio of Deko-Light.
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Linear lighting solution - La Croix Architecs
More and more customers are opting for modern, open designs. In order to support the usually clear geometrical design vocabulary of these buildings in terms of illumination and to meet the high demands of the respective customers, we generally refrain from using classic luminaires and recessed spotlights in these cases in favour of a linear lighting solution.
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