A sustainable development of our company, as well as the responsibility towards the environment, our employees and our suppliers, forms the decisive basis of our actions. From purchasing to logistics and sales, we pay attention to responsible behaviour. In doing so, we take business decisions with great care and also promote a partnership-based approach to all parties involved.


We want to leave our children a world worth living in. With the advent of LED technology, many luminaires could no longer be repaired and became disposable products. Thanks to our high recycling rate, we are able to return a large proportion of the raw materials to the system - nevertheless, we want to make it even better: Our aim is to develop luminaires where the LED or power supply unit can be replaced in the event of a fault. With our new Green Label "LED chip replaceable", we are setting a sign. From now on, we will use this label to identify our luminaires that allow the LED chips to be replaced in an environmentally friendly way. In combination with the low power consumption and long service life, DEKO-LIGHT luminaires are already helping to reduce the burden on the environment. Support us in this and look out for the green label at DEKO-LIGHT.


Our Colt outdoor spotlight series is an example of sustainability at DEKO-LIGHT. With the option of replacing the LED chip, there is no need to dispose of the entire lamp. It is also a real all-rounder for outdoor use. It is powerful, freely rotatable and tiltable and equipped with state-of-the-art LED technology. The surface-mounted luminaires thus provide atmospheric lighting concepts in any outdoor installation and also cut a good figure when switched off with their striking design.

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