At DEKO-LIGHT, the idea of quality is firmly anchored in the company philosophy and is reflected in all our actions. The endeavour of all employees is to achieve the optimum result for our customers. We achieve this through the careful selection of our production partners, continuous improvements to the manufacturing processes, our own quality assurance through our measurement laboratory and, of course, by listening to our customers' wishes. Our goal is always to be able to guarantee innovative as well as high-quality products.


Excellent quality, modern designs and innovative technologies combined with our know-how lead to a constant optimisation of our product range. Our product development team therefore works tirelessly on new and interesting solutions for you on the subject of light.


For years, DEKO-LIGHT has focused on efficiency and its own in-house expertise in luminaire production. From the first prototype to the final series model, DEKO-LIGHT subjects all luminaire models to an extensive test procedure. The result is quality and safety throughout the entire supply chain from a single source! 

The DEKO-LIGHT measurement laboratory consists of a spectrometer and goniometer. In the spherical spectrometer (integrating sphere), the team measures the quality of each luminaire in terms of the colour spectrum emitted as well as the colour rendering value. The goniometer is located in a separate dark room and measures the light in the room, or more precisely, the light intensity and beam angle at different distances. The resulting LDT files later serve lighting designers as a reliable basis for visualising their projects in programmes such as Dialux and Relux.

Precise lighting design plays an important role in new project planning as well as for supplementary and maintenance projects. If a large object with many LED ceiling panels is to be renewed and / or extended years later, it is crucial to be able to provide exactly the same light values. Here, our own measurements provide an invaluable advantage, both in the planning stage and in terms of customer confidence.

What does a spectrometer actually do?

With a spectrometer, light can be broken down into its spectral components. By analysing the light components in different wavelengths, the colour temperature, among other things, can be precisely determined.

...and a goniometer?

With a goniometer including a rotating axis, both the luminous flux and the luminous intensity distribution of a luminaire can be measured.


Design and technology are inseparably linked at DEKO-LIGHT. Our product management therefore works tirelessly on new concepts and designs that combine form and function in the most beautiful way. For some years now, our focus has been on LED technology. The many advantages of LEDs over conventional light sources have led to completely new application possibilities and freedom in design. We therefore work with selected designers, manufacturers and suppliers to develop beautifully shaped and technically innovative products. This cooperation has already led to many products that are unique on the market. 


In addition to customers, there is another stakeholder who expects a high level of quality: the legislator in the form of the European Union. When the Ecodesign Directive comes into force in 2021, manufacturers of artificial lighting will be subject to numerous new requirements. In order to set the course for the future now, DEKO-LIGHT is re-equipping its measurement laboratory to meet the requirements of the new Ecodesign Directive. Among other things, two new measuring heads are being installed in order to be able to prove compliance with the specified limit values for stroboscopic effects and light flicker.

MARKET ANALYSIS  Every new product is based on a careful analysis of our existing product portfolio. In addition, we take a close look at our customers' needs and analyse the situation on the market.

IDEA FINDING  Based on the market analysis, our product management generates new and extraordinary product ideas. The inclusion of innovative technologies also forms the basis of the idea generation.

CONCEPTION The first concrete drafts are created. The focus is on the most promising ideas, on the basis of which we support and develop our concepts.

PROTOTYP The creation of a prototype is decisive for later further development. Only through careful testing and evaluation can we consistently maintain our quality standards.

DEVELOPMENT From the results of the prototyping, we create the final technical plans for the product.

PRODUCTION The development process now moves on to production. The created plans are handed over to our production facility. The original idea thus finally takes shape.

MARKETING + DISTRIBUTION  Start preparing for the communication of the product as well as for the distribution so that you are well informed about product news.

MARKET INTRODUCTION  The product has now been successfully launched on the market and is now available for you via our catalogues or our online shop.

SERVICE Our sales team is available to advise you on any questions you may have. In addition, your opinion is very important to us. This is the only way we can constantly expand our product range.

5 YEARS WARRANTY DEKO-LIGHT  provides an extended manufacturer's warranty of 5 years.

QUALITY TESTING  Our qualified team puts all products through their paces in our in-house measuring laboratory before production begins.

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