Luminale 2016

Luminale 2016 – United in diversity

For the eighth time the “Luminale” in Frankfurt was held and accompanied as biennial of lighting culture, parallel to the convention “light+building”. During the six-day event, visitors were able to see small and large light installations in many public places in Frankfurt and discover the city from completely new angles.
A highlight of the “Luminale 2016” was certainly the staging of the 148 meter high Euro Tower of the European Central Bank [ECB]. Based on the official motto of the European Union “United in diversity” Thomas and Michael Giegerich from “bright” have put with their team the prestigious building in the center of a generic light and projection installation. Initial point was the European anthem – a part of the prelude to the “Ode to Joy” from Beethoven’s 9th symphony.
For the composition of individual, prefabricated video elements the installation of a computer algorithm was provided, the basis of various socio-cultural references [e.g. the number of languages spoken in the EU], always throwing new projections on the façade of the Euro Tower. In this way, the light installation has put the diversity of European society in a mutually interplay with European unity.
For the implementation of the impressive light and projection show a total of 28 projectors came to use. The playback of the video content was carried out by d3-media servers, stacked in 4-stacks.
Each generic, ever-changing design needed a fixed point or a visual base, which gave an accompanying form of diversity and embedding in a harmonious overall picture. For this task “bright” fully trusted on a total of 30 pcs. “AMBITION Chroma LED outdoor wash lights” that were placed on the canopy of Euro Tower and the facade appeared in a harmonious blue.

Thomas Giegerich: “We had a few precautionary test setups and were fully convinced by the “Chromas”. Using the “Chromas” and the light part, the facade projection is an overall presentation of the building”. “And in the pauses in between installations the building breathes downright about the “Chromas” explains Michael Giegerich. A decisive role for “Bright” was besides the light output.

[“Much output for little lamp!”] and the color quality in particular the viewing angle: “Due to the 15° lenses of “Chromas” we can illuminate the building upwards very well.”