Battery and solar lights by DEKO-LIGHT

Despite the recent low “Axel” with a lot of rain, it can not be denied: Summer is upon us and thus the time of increased outdoor activity. In keeping with this, we would like to introduce you to one of the great lighting and lighting trends for 2019: location-independent luminaires based on battery or solar sources.

For a long time battery and solar lights in the lighting industry were considered a nice bauble – for professional use, however, the models were rarely used. The reason: insufficient light and runtime performance. Meanwhile, it can no longer be talked about. Battery-powered and solar-powered lights for outdoor use are convincing across the board and score points with their unrivaled mobility and unique extras – from the convenient charging function via mobile phones, tablets or power banks to an automatic twilight function to the integrated motion detector. Depending on the technology and model, power is supplied via an integrated rechargeable battery or a solar power source. The types of luminaires and areas of application are diverse, ranging from mobile decorative floor lamps to intelligent wall luminaires to functional directional and directional luminaires


Being outside, having fun and just taking the light with you. It works – with your new faithful companion. With the LACERTAE USB you always have exactly the light you need. Thanks to the 3-level dimming function, it is your favorite both for leisurely reading on the lake and for a romantic picnic. With the integrated powerbank, it not only supports your party with light, but also ensures that the music does not run out of air. The LACERTAE USB is a “must have” for those who want to be free!


The Sheratan is a battery-powered LED table lamp that charges via a built-in USB port. Thus, the Sheratan II is not only suitable for use as an accent light in living rooms, but also at events, such as gala and corporate events and garden parties. The 38 cm high case with wavy or smooth lampshade and solid base plate made of robust die-cast aluminum [IP54] houses 2.2 Watt LED bulb that produces a pleasant warm white light of 3,000 K and can be turned on and off via a touch sensor.


Nicht überall wo Sie Licht haben möchten, gibt es auch Strom. Wir haben die Lösung. Die SAMAS SOLAR-Serie braucht nur eines zum Strahlen; hin und wieder Sonne. Dank ihres intelligenten Spar-modus, bei dem sie im Ruhezustand mit nur 15% Lichtleistung leuchtet, hat sie eine besonders lange Brenndauer. Sobald sie über ihren integrierten Sensor Annäherung erkennt, strahlt sie mit voller Kraft. Sie lässt sich aber auch über einen Taster deaktivieren. Die starke Lichtleistung kombiniert mit modernster Technik für lange Laufzeiten, ist ein echter Problemlöser für Wand und Boden, natürlich mit praktischen Erdspiess.


The LED wall-mounted luminaire SOLAR PREMIUM impresses with its futuristic design and acts as an innovative and decorative outdoor luminaire for outdoor and garden use. Power is supplied via the integrated rechargeable battery, including the solar panel, so that no optically disturbing or expensive cables are required. In addition to the wall-mounted luminaire version, the solar product family also includes a floor lamp.