• Grünwettersbach (1993)

  • Langensteinbach (1997)

  • Ittersbach (2002)

  • Ittersbach (2006)

  • Ittersbach (2013)

“Everything ready is marveled at, everything expectant is underestimated.”

Friedrich Nietzschegerman Philosoph (1844 - 1900)

DEKO-LIGHT began in 1993 as a private company in the dining room of the present managing director Werner Spieß. The following two years , this home office was the focal point for all activities.

1996 DEKO-LIGHT was officially traded  DEKO-LIGHT Vertriebs GmbH and Oliver Heinzler became  partner and authorized officer of the new company .

The next years were marked by steady growth in which the previous year’s targets were exceeded time and time again. The cornerstone of success are the people who help with unwavering dedication and absolute loyalty behind the company .

The development of their product lines and innovative lighting solutions pave for DEKO-LIGHT the way to a leading partner for the trade to be and to establish the brands DEKO-LIGHT and Kapego in the market.

Economic success and steady growth over the years and several moves made the decision to move into larger premises necessary. 2005, the decision to build a separate building falls . The new headquarters  with the address ” Auf der Hub 2 ” is completed and occupied in the fall of 2006.

The success does not break off and from 2012 the work on the expansion of the headquarters, which reached its capacity limits, begins.  In the spring of 2013, the works are completed and the new office and warehouse space are based on time for the 20th anniversary .

On 20th April 2013 celebrates DEKO-LIGHT the 20 year anniversary and the opening of the extension to all employees and their families , friends and fellow travelers in recent years.