360° Studio

360° Photostudio

Deko-Light goes the next step to even better product presentation. Professionally created imagery is the best way to inspire a customer for your product . This is especially true for the Internet where significant pictures can be the crucial difference between your own or a competitor’s product . The Internet , with its interactivity allows far more possibilities than the simple mapping of static images . Therefore, Deko-Light has now taken the next logical step : 360 -degree animations.

Only if the object is to be viewed from all sides and also details remain not hidden with the zoom function , the customer can be sure to make the right choice.

In the future the animations are created and managed in the purpose-built photo studio in our premises. The company FUCHS EDP Vertriebs GmbH from Hamburg equipped us with multiple turntables and the suitable software to realize this project . The available animations of our products will be introduced with the release of our newly designed online store and shortly thereafter provided to our customers. The remaining animations are then submitted successively.